'Crunchy Sticks' 10 oz. Soy Candle

"That moment when you find the pawfect stick to crunch on when pouncing through fall leaves in your plaid bandana..."

The all-time-favorite scent of our shop dog, Mulligan, our rich, woodsy 'Crunchy Sticks' candle is the pawfect mix of fresh meets cozy. Featuring a combination of light yet masculine scents like Chestnut Cedar, Teakwood, Mahogany, Oak and Musk with Vanilla undertones, this woodsy scent is a great year-round scent to burn on warm, cozy evenings at home. It also makes a great gift for the Dog Dads in your life!

All of our Mulligan's Pro Shop candles are handmade with soy wax and cotton wicks that are lead and zinc-free, making them safe to burn around pets and children.

Each candle is hand-wicked and poured by the Michigan-made company Honey and Home in small batches to ensure the same high-quality scent and product every single time. 

'Ain't Life Golden' Candle Notes:

  • Chestnut Cedar
  • Roasted Vanilla Bean
  • Teakwood
  • Mahogany
  • Musk


  • Made in Michigan, USA by Honey and Home
  • 10 oz. candles
  • Burn time of 50-70 hours
  • Made with soy wax and cotton wicks
  • Lead and zinc free
  • No unnatural dyes or colorings
$18.00 USD
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